Tea Blend Bundle

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Two bags of Hemp Flower Tea!

An energizing caffeinated blend: Yerba Mate, Peppermint, Lemonbalm & Hemp Flower. Increases energy and focus, elevates mood, aids in digestion, reduce pain and inflammation in the body, and eases symptoms of anxiety & stress! 

And when it’s time to relax, a Chamomile & Hibiscus blend: Chamomile, Hibiscus, Passion Flower & Hemp Flower all come together to bring you happiness! Ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce pain and inflammation, helps promote a deep restful sleep, can lower high blood pressure, and improves overall health of hair and skin. 


Yerba Mate is known to increase energy and focus, aid in digestion, supporting cardiovascular health, and is rich in Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B5.

Peppermint is known to improve digestion, soothe nausea and upset stomach, ease symptoms of cold and flu, and is great for headaches and pain.

Lemon Balm is fantastic for soothing menstrual cramps, improves hyperactivity and concentration issues, can help regulate blood sugar and is a known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Hemp flower is the icing on the cake! Elevate your mood, ease symptoms of anxiety and stress and reduce pain and inflammation. 


Chamomile is perfect for reducing stress, improving sleep,  plays a vital role in skin and hair health, relieves muscle spasms, reduces pain and can improve liver health.

Hibiscus plays a vita role in liver health, is effective at lowering blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and can aid in weight loss.

Passion flower can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, effectively treat sleeping disorders, stimulate libido, and may also help lower high blood pressure.