CBD Herbal Bath Tea - Lavender Oat Blend

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A soothing & healing herbal bath blend!

CBD- anti-inflammatory, great for fighting topical irritations and promoting overall healthy skin!

Calendula- Soothe irritated / itchy skin, helps reduce redness and relieves topical irritations. 

Yarrow- One of the world’s most powerful astringents! Promotes healing of the skin, helps those who suffer with oily skin or acne.  It’s anot-inflammatory, antiseptic and emollient properties make it an excellent addition to this herbal bath blend!

Lavender- promote a calm, peaceful and relaxing experience to reduce stress and relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Oats- rice in anti-oxidant properties helps reduce itching, imflammation and just overall healing for the skin.

Himalayan Salt- Helps draw out toxins, nourishes the body with essential minerals, and promotes deep skin cleansing!


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